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Kinsey Breaks Barbour Home Bottle Record

Protest from eldest Barbour child forthcoming

BARBOUR HOME-Kinsey Barbour broke the Barbour home record for fastest consumption of a six ounce bottle of formula Saturday night taking her bedtime feeding in an astonishing 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Kinsey, who before Saturday night, had shown a penchant for taking slower feedings if she finshed the bottle at all engage in deep and rapid sucks from the very beginning. According to a source holding Kinsey that night, the seven month old Korean girl did not relax but maintained a constant suck until there was nothing but air remaining.

The oldest Barbour child, Cailey, immediately planned to file a protest contesting the mark saying that Kinsey benefited from a torn nipple hole and even alleged that the small pin had been used to open the nipple up more since Kinsey was having difficulty drawing formula out when she first arrived from Korea. Cailey, who also holds records for fastest 8 and 9 ounce bottle taken as well has most formula consumed in one feeding and one day argued that her six ounce mark was based upon her use of intact "Stage 2" nipples. Cailey is asking for a full inspection of the nipple to determine whether or not Kinsey benefited from a free flow of formula requiring less sucking power.

Cailey, who last took a bottle on August 21, 2003, is also requesting that her record be restored and the suspect nipple be taken out of the bottle rotation. The Barbour parents, citing a shortage of good nipples and the ease of having Kinsey finish her bottle in such an expedient manner, say fulfilling Cailey's request unlikely.

Middle child Braden offered no comment, but did say he needed to go potty.

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Kinsey Adele Barbour

HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Kinsey Tracker

Kinsey Adele Barbour began her long trek from South Korea this evening on her way to the United States. She left Seoul at approximately 10:04 PM EDT which is actually 11:04 AM on May 3rd in Korea. Korea is 13 hours ahead of the United States east coast. If everything goes according to schedule Kinsey will be traveling for 21 hours on her way here.

Check back for updates on Kinsey's progress.

10:39 PM EDT

Kinsey has left Seoul on her way to Tokyo, Japan where she and her escort will switch planes for the long flight to the United States. According to the airline the plane is in flight.

12:40 AM EDT

Kinsey arrived in Tokyo at 12:21 AM EDT. There is a two hour layover before boarding the flight from Japan to Detroit, MI. And yes it is sad her first sight of the U.S. will be Detroit but at six months old at least she will not remember it.

10:00 AM EDT

Kinsey left Tokyo, Japan at approximately 2:43 AM EDT(12 minutes early). The flight to Detroit from Japan should take about 13 hours. Actually Kinsey will be traveling back in time since she left at 3:43 PM but will arrivie in Detroit at 2:40 PM. Very weird that international travel.

I saw a diagram of the plane Kinsey is on which is a 747-400 and there are bassinets on the plane so I can only assume she is catching a little nap during the long flight. I hope that makes it easier for her escort. I cannot imagine having to hold a baby for 13 straight hours.

2:17 PM EDT


Kinsey has landed at Detroit-Wayne County Airport and is now being processed through immigration for entrance into the country. I hope all is going well and she is not too cranky from her long plane ride! She has a three hour layover in Detroit before hopping on the flight to here.

6:47 PM EDT

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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